About API

Welcome to the documentation for the BitAds.ai (Bittensor SN XX) API – your gateway to harnessing the power of the first decentralized and incentivized advertising platform. This API is designed for Validators who aim to create their own web or mobile applications on top of BitAds infrastructure. Whether you're exploring new possibilities or expanding your network, this documentation will guide you through the seamless integration and utilization of BitAds.ai's features, empowering you to build innovative solutions within the advertising ecosystem.

This documentation serves as your compass in navigating the BitAds.ai API landscape. From authentication and campaign initiation to detailed analytics, we invite Validators to leverage these capabilities for creating and managing innovative advertising solutions within the decentralized ecosystem. Explore the power of BitAds.ai API and stay ahead in the dynamic world of decentralized advertising.

Key Features:

Validator Authentication:

Only Bittensor Validators with complete registration (successfully passed the moderation procedure) on BitAds.ai have access to this API. This ensures a secure and trusted environment for utilizing the platform's capabilities.

Campaign Management and Traffic Analytics:

Validators, empowered by this API, can initiate the creation of new advertising campaigns on BitAds.ai. Beyond that, they have the capability to retrieve detailed statistics regarding traffic on each landing page associated with their campaigns. This dual functionality provides a comprehensive toolset for effective campaign management.

Continuous Upgrading

Our API is not static. The development team is dedicated to constant enhancement and refinement of all services. As a result, the API's capabilities will evolve, offering Validators access to an expanding array of features and functionalities. Stay tuned for updates and exciting new possibilities!

Important Note – Currently BitAds.ai is in Testing and Optimization Phase

Please be aware that the BitAds.ai website is currently in the testing and optimization phase. As a result, you may encounter occasional glitches or imperfections. Your understanding and cooperation during this stage are highly appreciated. If you come across any issues or have feedback, we encourage you to contact us via [email protected]. Your insights play a crucial role in refining and enhancing the overall user experience. Thank you for your collaboration as we work towards delivering a seamless and robust platform.